YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE — in your community, your local school, your environment — with Wonderful Giving. It’s a one-of-a-kind program that donates company money to charities that are close to your heart. And home.

What’s important to you? Your family? Your community? Where would you like to have an impact?


Whether giving to your child’s school or your alma mater, supporting education is a smart choice.

Health and Wellness

Giving to a hospital, clinic or foundation for health and research is good for your heart.

Social Services

Shelters, food banks, violence prevention centers, heritage groups and mentoring programs can all use a helping hand.


Giving is fun—especially when you give to local youth sports teams or your neighborhood rec center.

Animal Care

Help our four-legged friends by giving to local humane societies and rescue groups.

Arts and Culture

Get creative with your dollars. Give to museums, cultural centers, theater programs or music conservatories.


Spread the love locally by giving to your police department, library, or local beautification project.


Make a world of difference by giving to environmental research, a trail restoration or beach cleanup.


Honor our veterans by supporting organizations that provide our heroes with outreach and assistance.

Donate your own money to charity; we’ll match that dollar-for-dollar, too!